Bereza Kartuska Prison

Bereza Kartuska Prison

The Bereza Kartuska detention camp (Polish: Miejsce Odosobnienia w Berezie Kartuskiej, literally "Place of Isolation at Bereza Kartuska") was a prison-like institution in the Second Polish Republic, based in Bereza Kartuska, Polesie province (today Biaroza in Belarus).

Created on June 17, 1934 by an order of President Ignacy Mościcki, the camp was established to detain people who were viewed by the Polish state as a "threat to security, peace and social order" without formal charges or trial for three months (with the possibility of prolonging the detention indefinitely). Initially most detainees were political opponents of the Sanacja regime, most notably communists, far-right parties' members and Ukrainian nationalists; starting from October 1937, "notorious" and financial criminals were also sent to the camp. Detainees were supposted to perform penal labour and at least 13 people died during their stay.

The camp de facto ceased to exist on the night of September 17–18, 1939 when, after learning about the Soviet invasion of Poland, the staff had abadoned it.

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... the number of inmates by sending 4,500 Ukrainians to Bereza Kartuska without right of appeal ... OUN members who were incarcerated at Bereza Kartuska have testified to the use there of torture ... By the time they were released from Bereza Kartuska, many Ukrainians had had their health destroyed or had died ...
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