Berar (Marathi: वर्हाड "Varhad") may refer to:

  • Berar Sultanate, a Deccan sultanate established 1490
  • Berar Subah, a Subah of the Mughal empire from 1596 to 1724
  • Berar Province, a province of British India
  • Berar (ship), a sailing ship built in 1863

Other articles related to "berar":

History of Amravati Division
... Amravati division roughly corresponds to the former province of Berar, which was ceded to Hyderabad State by the Maratha Maharajas of Nagpur in 1803 ... Central Provinces, which was renamed Central Provinces and Berar ... Upon Indian independence, the Central Provinces and Berar were reorganized as the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh ...
Mughal Tribe - Mughals of North India - In Maharashtra (Subah Berar)
... The Mughal community of Berar is said to have settled there during the late 15th and early 16th centuries, when the state was conquered by the Mughals Emperor Akbar ... Historically, the Mughals of Berar are descendants of prince, granted subah to Sultan Mirza Azam Shah of Berar, Gujaratby the emperor Aurangzeb Alamgeer Mirza Azam ... because Mirza AZAM was HAFIZ OF QURAN hence Aurangzeb 100% faith on his beloved son hence the berar mughal family managed ...
Akola - History
... Akola District along with the rest of the Berar province was part of the legendary kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata ... Berar later came under the rule of the Satavahana dynasty (2nd century BCE–2nd century CE), the Vakataka dynasty (3rd to 6th centuries), the Chalukya dynasty (6th to 8th ... into smaller sultanates at the end of the 15th century, and in 1572 Berar became part of the Nizam Shahi sultanate, based at Ahmadnagar ...
... district in Nagpur revenue Division in the Berar region in the state of Maharashtra, India Amgaon, Gondia Kanha National Park Salekasa Deori Darekasa, Dongargarh(Chhati ...
Berar Sultanate - Chronology of Events in Berar
... Mahabharat – Berar was Part of Vidarbha Kingdom 322 BC-185 BC Under Mauryan Empire 100 BC-199 Satavahana dynasty 250 Vakataka dynasty starts 510 Vakataka rules end 510–580 Ahirs or Abhira rule for 67 ... Ahmed Shah Wali of Bahmani repaired forts of Gawilgad and Narnala 1478 Bahmani divide Berar into two Province of Gawil and Mahur 1490 Imad-ul-Mulk Started Imad ... Ellichpur made Capital of Berar ...