Benguela Current

The Benguela Current ( /bɛŋˈɡweɪlə/) is the broad, northward flowing ocean current that forms the eastern portion of the South Atlantic Ocean gyre. The current extends from roughly Cape Point in the south, to the position of the Angola-Benguela Front in the north, at around 16°S. The current is driven by the prevailing South Easterly Trade winds. Inshore of the Benguela Current proper, the south easterly winds drive coastal upwelling, forming the Benguela Upwelling System. The cold, nutrient rich waters that upwell from around 200–300 m depth in turn fuel high rates of phytoplankton growth, and sustain the productive Benguela ecosystem.

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Benguela Current - Benguela Niño
... a thick slab of warm, nutrient poor water enters the northern part of the Benguela upwelling system off the Namibia coast about once per decade ... During the Benguela Niño, warm, salty waters from the Angola Current move southward, from 15°S to as far as 25°S ... to the Pacific El Niño have been observed however, the causes and effects of the Benguela Niño are not well understood ...
Discovery Investigations - Reports - Volume XXVII
163–200 The Pelagic Mollusca of the Benguela Current Part I. 279–291 Cumacea of the Benguela Current N S Jones PhD Marine Biological Station, Port Erin June 1955 pp. 337–376 Euphausiacea of the Benguela Current First Survey, RRS William Scoresby, March 1950 Brian P Boden August 1955 pp ...

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