Benelli Kite Young - Design Details

Design Details

Like all air pistols designed for the 10 m Air Pistol event, it has fully adjustable sights, trigger and anatomically shaped grip available in three sizes and for left and right-handed shooters.

The barrel is manufactured by Lothar Walther. Air power is supplied from an under-barrel cylinder, available in three different capacities (compared to four in the Benelli Kite): intermediate (230 shots), medium (180 shots) and short (80 shots).

The Benelli Kite Young features micrometric rear sight adjustment with four settings:

1 click = 1 mm windage (left/right adjustment) at 10 metres. 1 click = 2 mm elevation (up/down adjustment) at 10 metres.

The sight aperture is adjustable by lever and screw.

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