Bell States

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Bell State Measurement
... The Bell measurement is an important concept in quantum information science It is a joint quantum-mechanical measurement of two qubits that determines in which of the four Bell states the two qubits ... If the qubits were not in a Bell state before, they get projected into a Bell state (according to the projection rule of quantum measurements), and as Bell states are entangled, a ... Bell-state measurement is the crucial step in quantum teleportation ...
Entanglement Distillation - Quantifying Entanglement
... A two qubit system can be written as a superposition of possible computational basis qubit states, each with an associated complex coefficient As in the case of a single qubit, the ... The Bell state is a particularly important example of a two qubit state Bell states possess the amazing property that measurement outcomes of a Bell state are correlated ... Bell states can be used to quantify entanglement ...

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