Belastok Voblast

Belastok Voblast or Belostok Oblast (Belarusian: Беластоцкая вобласць, Biełastockaja vobłasć, Russian: Белостокская Область, Polish: Obwód białostocki) was a territorial unit in the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR) from September 1939 to August 1945.

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Belastok Voblast - History - 1944–1945
1945, 17 raions, together with 3 raions of the Brest Voblast were passed on to the Białystok Voivodeship of Poland ... The remaining raions were annexed into the Hrodna Voblast of the BSSR ...
Border Agreement Between Poland And The USSR Of 16 August 1945 - World War II Partitions
... Most notably, was the Belastok Voblast, that was added to the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, although most of the region was populated by Poles ... Galician territory east of the 1939 border and the Belastok Voblast plus adjacent territory to the east of this were transformed respectively into the Distrikt Galizien ... Stalin agreed, and on 29th of September, administration of 17 (of the 23) districts of Belastok Voblast (including the city of Bialystok) and an additional three (Siemiatycze, Hajnów ...