Beilinson is a family name. It may refer to the following:


  • Alexander Beilinson, a Russian-American mathematician
  • Moshe Beilinson, a Jewish and Israeli doctor, journalist, and editor


  • The Beilinson Campus of the Rabin Medical Center, named after Moshe Beilinson
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... As early as 1978, Beilinson published a paper on coherent sheaves and several problems in linear algebra ... In 1981 Beilinson announced a proof of the Kazhdan–Lusztig conjectures and Jantzen conjectures with Joseph Bernstein ... Independent of Beilinson and Bernstein, Brylinski and Kashiwara obtained a proof of the Kazhdan–Lusztig conjectures ...
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... Beilinson (born 1957) is the David and Mary Winton Green University Professor at the University of Chicago and works on mathematics ... In 1999 Beilinson was awarded the Ostrowski Prize with Helmut Hofer ...
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