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Future Lines

In addition to 15 lines in operation, there are at least eight lines now under construction with work on several more lines set to begin in 2012. The network is set to reach 420 km (260 mi) by the end of 2012. According to expansion plans announced in January 2011, the subway network in 2015 is expected to reach track density of 0.51 km per square kilometer inside the Fifth Ring Road where residents would on average have to walk 1 km to the nearest subway station.

The new lines will significantly expand the subway's coverage, especially south and west of the city. Flanking either side of Line 1 will be Line 6 and Line 7. Line 10, when fully completed, will form a second ring outside the Line 2 loop. Line 8 will extend the Olympic Branch Line north to Line 13 and south to Line 2. Line 9 and Line 16 will run parallel and to the west of Line 4. Line 14 will run from the southwest to the northeast. The Western Suburban and Yanfang Lines will connect outlying districts to the Beijing Subway.

To address the city's worsening traffic congestion problem, in December 2010 city planners moved the construction of several lines from the 13th Five Year Plan to the 12th Five Year Plan. This means Lines 8 (Phase III), 3, 12, 16, the Yanfang Line, as well as additional lines to Changping, Tiantongyuan, and Haidian will begin construction before 2015. Subway planning authorities had indicated that Lines 3, 11, 12 and 16 were being planned for the more distant future.

In January 2010, the government of Shijingshan District disclosed plans for a Line 11 in western Beijing that would traverse the Beijing Capital Steel complex and intersect with Lines 1 and 4. Construction is set to begin in 2020. Line 17 is planned to run underneath Guanghua Road in the Central Business District with transfers to Lines 4 and 5. In February 2012, the city government confirmed that six new lines, including Lines 3, 12, R1, R2 and R3, were under planning.

Details of future subway lines
Line Phase & Section Terminals
Route Description Construction
Stations Refs
Dec 28, 2012 Line 6 Phase I Haidian Wuluju
east-west line north of Line 1 Apr. 2008 31 21
Line 8 Phase II
Extends further south to Drum Tower on Line 2 Dec. 2007 3.3 3
Line 9 North Section National Library
Beijing West Railway Station Extends north to Line 4 Apr. 2007 5.7 4
Line 10 Phase II Jinsong
Shoujingmao Nearly completing the Line 10 loop. Apr. 2007 30.1 23
Xiju Bagou
Mar 2013 Line 14 Phase I Zhangguozhuang
Xiju Connecting the south-west suburbs of Beijing Apr. 2010 12.0 6
H1 2013 Line 10 Phase II Shoujingmao Xiju completing the missing portion of the Line 10 loop, though Fengtai Railway Station Apr. 2007 2.1 2
Dec 2013 Line 8 Phase II North, Section 2 Zhuxinzhuang Huilongguan East
Extends further north to Changping Line Dec. 2007 5.9 3
Line 8 Phase II
Museum of Art
Extends further south to National Art Museum inside Line 2 Dec. 2007 3.7.3 6
Fragrant Hills
light rail or tram from the northwest corner of Line 10 to the Fragrant Hills. 9.1 7
Yanfang Line Main Line Cheliangduan
Yanhua extends Fangshan Line west to Yanshan Sinopec Center. 2012 15.2 9
2014 Line 6 Phase II Cangfang Dongxiaoying
extends Line 6 further east into Tongzhou District. 2010 12.4 7
Line 7 Beijing West Railway Station Jiaohuachang
east-west line south of Line 1 Jan. 2010 23.9 21
Line 14 Phase II Xiju Shangezhuang
J-shaped line, from the southwest corner of the city to the southeast corner, through Beijing South Station and then turning north to Guangqu Lu. Apr. 2010 35.7 24
Line 15 Phase I
Section 3
Tsinghua University East
Wangjing West Chaoyang section of Line 15 (western section) Apr. 2009 10.2 7
2015 Line 6 Phase I Pingguoyuan
Haidian Wuluju
8.9 5
Line 8 Phase III Museum of Art
extends Line 8 Phase II south thru Qianmen and Yongdingmen along central north-south axis to Daxing District. 17.3 14
Phase II Nanshao Ming Tombs Scenic Area
extends Changping Line to Ming Tombs. 2011 10 4
Haidian Shanhou Line Suzhoujie
Baianhe Northern extension of line 16 23.4 13
New Airport Line Beijing South Railway Station Beijing New Airport Connecting to a proposed new Beijing Airport 37 4
2016 Line 16 Suzhoujie
north-south line west of Line 4. 16 17
Before 2020 Line 3 Tiancun Dongba East-west line parallel to line 6 37 29
Line 8 Phase III, South Extension Wufutang Yinghaizhen 5 2
Line 12 Tiancun Jiuxianqiao Following the North Third Ring Road 24 20
Line R1 Shang'ancun
An express line, running under Line 1 55 15
Line R2 Weilai kejicheng Yizhuang Railway Station 49 21
Pinggu Line Dongba Pinggu Extension of line 3 52 5

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