Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize

The Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize is awarded every other year by the American Astronomical Society in recognition of an outstanding research contribution to astronomy or astrophysics of an exceptionally creative or innovative character. The prize is named in honor of the cosmologist and astronomer Beatrice Tinsley.

Tinsley Prize winners:

  • 1986 Jocelyn Bell Burnell (discoverer of first pulsar)
  • 1988 Harold I. Ewen, Edward M. Purcell (discoverers of the 21 cm radiation from hydrogen)
  • 1990 Antoine Labeyrie (inventor of speckle interferometry)
  • 1992 Robert H. Dicke (inventor of the lock-in amplifier)
  • 1994 Raymond Davis, Jr. (inventor of neutrino detectors, first measurement of solar neutrinos)
  • 1996 Aleksander Wolszczan (discoverer of first pulsar planet)
  • 1998 Robert E. Williams (spectroscopy, particularly in gas clouds)
  • 2000 Charles R. Alcock (searched for massive compact halo objects)
  • 2002 Geoffrey Marcy, R. Paul Butler, Steven S. Vogt (developers of ultra-high-resolution Doppler spectroscopy, and discovers of extrasolar planets by radial velocity measurements)
  • 2004 Ronald J. Reynolds (studies of the interstellar medium)
  • 2006 John E. Carlstrom (investigating the cosmic microwave background using the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect)
  • 2008 Mark Reid
  • 2010 Drake Deming
  • 2012 Ronald L. Gilliland

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