Beatrice Hicks

Beatrice Hicks

Beatrice Alice Hicks (January 2, 1919 – October 21, 1979) was an American engineer, the first woman engineer to be hired by Western Electric, and both co-founder and first president of the Society of Women Engineers. Despite entering the field at a time where engineering was seen as an inappropriate career for a woman, Hicks held a variety of leadership positions and eventually became the owner of an engineering firm. During her time there, Hicks developed a gas density switch that would be used in the U.S. space program, including the Apollo moon landing missions.

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Beatrice Hicks - Awards and Professional Honors
... Because of her role in Newark Controls Company, Mademoiselle magazine named Hicks "Woman of the Year in Business" in 1952 ... In 1978 Hicks was invited to join the National Academy of Engineering, the highest professional honor in engineering, and became the sixth woman to ... In 2002 Hicks was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame ...

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