BDK may refer to:

  • Base Derivation Key, the key used jointly by the PIN Pads and your jPOS implementation to create and transport DUKPT-enabled PIN blocks.
  • Bruderschaft des Kreuzes, a professional wrestling stable in Chikara
  • Bundu dia Kongo, a politico-religious group in Bas Kongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Big Daddy Kane, an American rapper.
  • Quebec comics, called by some in the 1970s Bande dessinée kébécoise

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Tim Donst - Professional Wrestling Career
... The following night at the end of the show, the BDK duo that had been pestering UltraMantis Black and the Order of the Neo Solar Temple for the Eye of Tyr ... one of them revealed himself to be Ares, and he, the still-masked other BDK member, Claudio Castagnoli, Carpenter Ant (who later unmasked to reveal he was Pinkie Sanchez), Sara Del Rey and Daizee ... Jumping to BDK, Donst took with him the inverted Chikara Special, a supposedly unbreakable submission maneuver Quackenbush had taught him as a token of gratitude for infiltrating ...
List Of Retired Spanish Navy Ships - Amphibious
... X148, X153, X170, X172, X173, X174, X186, X190, X 200, X205 y X221 Tipo BDK BDK-1 renamed LCT-1 ... Ex-HMS LCT(4)-1253, ex- Foca (1948–1978) BDK-2 renamed LCT-2 ... Ex-HMS LCT(4)-1323, ex- Morsa (1948–1983) BDK-3 renamed LCT-3 ...
Lince Dorado - Professional Wrestling Career - Chikara - Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes (2010–2011)
... that was to battle the rudo stable Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK) ... match Dorado turned on Equinox and joined BDK, who managed to win the match, when Claudio Castagnoli pinned Dorado's replacement in Quackenbush's team, Eddie Kingston. 20 at Wit, Verve, and a Bit o' Nerve, Dorado, now sporting a new white and BDK-themed attire, defeated his former tag team partner Equinox in a singles match ...
Derived Unique Key Per Transaction - Overview
... “Base Derivation Key” (or BDK) ... This is mitigated by the fact that there are only two parties that know the BDK the recipient of the encrypted messages (typically a merchant acquirer), and the party which initializes the encryption devices (typ ... Rather, a different key is irreversibly derived from the BDK (and within a TRSM), known as the “Initial PIN Encryption Key” (IPEK) ...