BCRA is an initialism that can represent:

  • Banco Central de la República Argentina, the Central Bank of Argentina
  • Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
  • British Cave Research Association
  • Bureau Central de Renseignements et d'Action, "Intelligence and Operations Central Bureau", commonly referred as just BCRA, the World War II era forerunner of the SDECE French intelligence service.

Other articles related to "bcra":

French Resistance - Networks and Movements - BCRA Networks
... The spy network was called the Bureau Central de Renseignements et d'Action (BCRA), and its actions were carried out by volunteers who were parachuted ... November he organized one of the most active and important Résistance networks of the BCRA, the Confrérie de Notre Dame (Brotherhood of Our Lady), which provided the Allies with photographs, maps and important. 1941 on, networks such as these allowed the BCRA to send armed parachutists, weapons and radio equipment into France to carry out missions ...
British Cave Research Association - Publications
... One of BCRA's main activities is publishing ... and Speleology (ISSN 1478-999X) (The latter is now funded by BCA although BCRA remains the publisher) ... BCRA also publishes the Cave Studies series of booklets and manages various Special Interest Groups that also publish material, notably the Cave Radio ...
Congressional Stagnation In The United States - Proposed Solutions To The Increased Incumbency Advantage - The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
... information Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Prior to BCRA, the last major piece of campaign finance legislation was the Federal Election Campaign Act, which had been ratified in 1971 and amended several times ... BCRA was enacted with the pledge that it would break the stranglehold of money on the political process, make huge sums of money from limited donors the exception rather ... However, there is an equally strong argument that BCRA will do very little to affect the congressional deadlock ...
British Cave Research Association - Conference and Meetings
... the UK's annual caving conference (the 'BCRA Conference') was given a face-lift and re-titled Hidden Earth ... Although BCRA still underwrites the event, it is now billed as being jointly hosted by BCRA and BCA ... BCRA hosts an annual Science Symposium at which short papers are informally presented ...