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Late Antique Literature - List of Ancient Texts - Iron Age
... Age texts predating Classical Antiquity 12th to 8th centuries BC 1200-1100 BC approximate date of books RV 1 and RV 10 in the Rigveda 1200-800 BC approximate date of the Vedic Sanskrit Yajurveda, Atharvaveda 1100-800. 1050 BC The Babylonian Theodicy of Šaggil-kīnam-ubbib. 1000-600 BC Chinese Classic of Poetry (Shījīng), Classic of Documents (Shūjīng) (authentic portions), Classic of Changes (I Ching) 950 BC date of the Jahwist ...
Mursili's Eclipse
... to the current debate, there are two possible candidates for the eclipse 13 April 1308 BC or 24 June 1312 BC ... The 1312 BC date is accepted by most Hittitologists, e.g ... Paul Åström (1993) has suggested the 1308 BC date ...

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