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Stanford Prison Experiment - Similar Studies - BBC Prison Study
... of Exeter and University of St Andrews, conducted the BBC Prison Study in 2002 ... was a partial replication of the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted with the assistance of the BBC, which broadcast events in the study in a ... Moreover, unlike results from the Stanford Prison Experiment, these were published in leading academic journals such as British Journal of Social Psychology ...
2002 In The United Kingdom - Events
... terms of Life imprisonment - officially the longest prison sentence imposed on any criminal in England and Wales - for murdering two elderly people in robberies and attacking 24 others. 11 March - BBC 6 Music, the first new BBC Radio station in decades, is launched ... trial judge has warned Taylor to expect to spend the rest of his life in prison ...
Philip Zimbardo - Similar Studies
... There were ethical issues in researching the original study ... A subsequent study looked at the power of roles in selected situations ... A 2006 study was conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation replicating the study by Zimbardo ...

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