Battle of The Barents Sea

The Battle of the Barents Sea took place on 31 December 1942 between German surface raiders and British ships escorting convoy JW 51B to Kola Inlet in the USSR. The action took place in the Barents Sea north of North Cape, Norway. The German raiders' failure to inflict heavy losses on the convoy infuriated Hitler, who ordered that German naval strategy would focus on the U-boat fleet, shunting the surface ships aside.

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HMS Achates (H12) - Battle of The Barents Sea
... On 31 December 1942, Achates was on escort duty protecting the Russian convoy JW 51B en route from Loch Ewe to Murmansk when she was sunk in the Barents Sea. ...
German Cruiser Admiral Hipper - History - Deployment To Norway - Battle of The Barents Sea
... In the course of the battle, the British destroyer Achates was sunk by the damage inflicted by Admiral Hipper ...
HMS Jamaica (44) - History - Battle of The Barents Sea
... Force R sailed from Kola on 27 December to rendezvous with Convoy JW 51B in the Norwegian Sea, but the convoy had been blown southwards by a major storm ... Force R remained at sea to protect Convoy RA 51 that was returning to Great Britain until relieved by HMS Berwick and HMS Kent ... battleship Scharnhorst was likely to attack Convoy JW 55B, which was already at sea ...
Battle Of The Barents Sea - Aftermath
... coast of France, the only major surface operation ever completed following the battle was the attempted raid on Convoy JW 55B by the battleship Scharnhorst, but she was ... Also, the battle became the subject of the book 73 North by Dudley Pope ...

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