Battle of Ravenna (1512)

Battle Of Ravenna (1512)

The Battle of Ravenna, fought on 11 April 1512, by forces of the Holy League and France, was a major battle of the War of the League of Cambrai in the Italian Wars. Although the French drove the Spanish-Papal army from the field, their victory failed to help them secure northern Italy, and they would be forced to withdraw from the region entirely by August 1512.

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Battle Of Ravenna (1512) - Aftermath
... in pursuing the retreating Spanish forces, preferring instead to return to the siege of Ravenna ... However, much of the French army was withdrawn to France following the battle and La Palice was forced to extricate himself from Italy in August by renewed efforts on the part of the Holy League ... The Spanish forces in Italy were almost entirely destroyed at Ravenna but Cardona would raise another army and appear in Lombardy in 1513 ...

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