Battle of Los Angeles (professional Wrestling) - Results - 2009 Battle of Los Angeles

2009 Battle of Los Angeles

The fifth annual BOLA was held on November 20 and November 21, 2009, in Reseda, California. Due to Bryan Danielson winning the PWG World Championship in his farewell match and afterwards vacating it, this year's would also become the new World Champion. The first round of the tournament consisted of eight one-on-one matches between 16 wrestlers. Local newcomers Brandon Gatson and Jerome Robinson earned their spots in the tournament by winning separate four-way matches at PWG's Against the Grain on October 2. Chris Sabin was scheduled to take part in the tournament, but was forced to pull out due to a neck injury. He was replaced by another local newcomer Johnny Goodtime.

First round Second round Semifinals Finals
Kenny Omega Pin
Kevin Steen 12:45
Kenny Omega Pin
Scott Lost 13:52
Scott Lost Pin
Jerome Robinson 07:46
Kenny Omega Pin
Joey Ryan 15:05
Austin Aries Pin
Brian Kendrick 14:29
Brian Kendrick Pin
Joey Ryan 09:01
Colt Cabana Pin
Joey Ryan 10:49
Kenny Omega Pin
Roderick Strong 19:40
Brandon Gatson Pin
Nick Jackson 12:16
Brandon Gatson Pin
Alex Shelley 11:51
El Generico Pin
Alex Shelley 16:44
Brandon Gatson Pin
Roderick Strong 05:28
Johnny Goodtime Sub
Roderick Strong 16:56
Roderick Strong Pin
Human Tornado 09:41
Matt Jackson Pin
Human Tornado 14:14
Non-tournament matches
Night One
  • The Cutler Brothers (Brandon Cutler and Dustin Cutler) defeated Malachi Jackson and Ryan Taylor via pinfall in 08:43
Night Two
  • Colt Cabana, Jerome Robinson and Johnny Goodtime defeated Austin Aries and The Cutler Brothers (Brandon Cutler and Dustin Cutler) via pinfall in 12:57
  • The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) defeated Kevin Steen and El Generico via pinfall in 22:19 to retain the PWG World Tag Team Championship

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