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Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Gameplay - Battle Chips
... "Battle Network 4" brings out many new chips, with standard chips weighing in with 150 unique attacks ... Mega Chips fell in number from the previous game, only having 60 different chips ... Instead of V1, V2, V3, V4, and V5 chips (previously found in Battle Network 1 and 2 with V4 and V5 chips found only in 3) are now (Navi), (Navi)SP, (Navi)DS ...
Mega Man Battle Network Series - Gameplay
... The Battle Network games are hybrid role-playing video games ... Out of battle, gameplay is typical RPG fare ... In battle, however, it is a unique hybrid of traditional action-RPG gameplay and a collectible card game ...
Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Gameplay
... Gameplay in Mega Man Battle Network 5 in this game is largely similar to that of its predecessors ... Man encounters viruses (or, later, hostile NetNavis), the screen shifts to a battle screen, set on a six by three square grid ... MegaBuster, but his main weapon is Lan's library of battle chips, one-use-per-battle special attacks which grant various abilities, including simple attacks, attack ...

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