Batting Order (baseball)

Batting Order (baseball)

The batting order, or batting lineup, in baseball is the sequence in which the nine members of the offense take their turns in batting against the pitcher. The batting order is the main component of a team's offensive strategy. The batting order is set by the manager before the game begins (although substitutions may subsequently take place). If a team bats out of order, it is a violation of baseball's rules and subject to penalty. When the player who led off the inning makes a second plate appearance, it is called "batting around."

In modern American baseball, some batting positions have nicknames: "leadoff" for first, "cleanup" for fourth, and "last" for ninth. Others are known by the ordinal numbers or the term #-hole (3rd place hitter would be 3-hole).

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... and the remainder of his lineup in descending battingaverage order ... Earnshaw Cook in his 1966 book, Percentage Baseball claimed that, using a computer, Bragan's lineup would result in 1 to 2 more wins per season ...

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