Batman (Earth-Two)

The Batman of Earth-Two is a parallel version of the DC Comics superhero, who was introduced after DC Comics created Earth-Two, a parallel world that was retroactively established as the home of characters whose adventures had been published in the Golden Age of comic books. This allowed creators to publish Batman comic books while being able to disregard Golden Age stories, solving an incongruity, as Batman had been published as a single ongoing incarnation since inception.

The character history of the Earth-Two Batman accordingly adopts all of the earliest stories featuring the character from the 1930s and 1940s, while the adventures of the then-mainstream Silver Age Batman (who lived on "Earth-One") begin later in time and with certain elements of his origin retold. Each were depicted as separate, though parallel, individuals living in their respective universes, with the "older" Earth-Two character eventually reaching his retirement and death.

A parallel to this character is introduced in Justice Society of America Annual #1 (2008) entitled "Earth-2" where the Post Crisis Earth-2 is fully introduced. The most notable difference between Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Wayne and his newer Post-Crisis Earth-2 incarnation is that the Post-Crisis Earth-2 Joker is suggested to have killed Wayne which led the Joker to learn the real identities of Robin and the Huntress.

A new parallel to this character will be introduced in the 2012 Earth-2 series who remains alive and is out "to protect his only surviving family" at any cost.

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