Batman Characters - Supporting Characters in Other Media

Supporting Characters in Other Media

  • Detective Ethan Bennett (appeared in The Batman, voiced by Steve Harris) - Bennett is a detective at the GCPD and is one of the three officers that interact with Batman. Unlike Chief Angel Rojas and Detective Ellen Yin, he supports Batman's motives and is Bruce Wayne's best friend. He appeared in the majority of season one. At the end of the first season, he becomes Clayface after being exposed to the Joker's "Joker Putty". He attempts to kill both Chief Rojas and the Joker, but is stopped and defeated by the efforts of Batman and Detective Yin. He reappeared in the season two episode "Meltdown", where he attempts to reform, but he fails and goes on a crime spree as Clayface. He is defeated again by Batman. In "Grundy's Night", he impersonated Solomon Grundy to get revenge on Batman, but fails. In his final appearance, "Clayfaces", he breaks out of prison and he helps Batman and Robin battle another Clayface, Basil Karlo. In the end, he and Karlo are cured, and Bennett tries again to restore his image. However, it seems Karlo's powers were returning at the final scene, so it is unknown if Bennett's powers were restored as well.
  • Detective Ellen Yin (appeared in The Batman, voiced by Ming-Na) - Yin is a new transfer to the GCPD since she left Metropolis. During the first season, she is reluctant to accept Batman as a vigilante. After she helps Batman fight Clayface at the first season's finale, she grudgily accepts Batman as a vigilante. Her final appearance was in the season two finale.
  • Chief Angel Rojas (appeared in The Batman, voiced by Edward James Olmos in his first appearance, voiced by Jesse Corti in other appearances) - Chief Rojas is the head of the GCPD and does things by the book. Unlike Detective Bennett, who sees Batman as a hero, Rojas distrusts Batman and sees him as a potential threat to all of Gotham.
  • Alexander Knox (appeared in Batman, portrayed by Robert Wuhl) - Alexander Knox is a reporter for the Gotham Globe. In the film, he works with Vicki Vale to investigate Batman's actions. When Vicki becomes suspicious of Bruce's actions, she asked Knox to show footage of the alley where Bruce's parents were killed. During the climax, Knox is nearly killed after being exposed to the Joker's gas. At the end of the film, he recovers from his injuries.
  • Lieutenant Maxwell "Max" Eckhardt (appeared in Batman, portrayed by William Hootkins) - Eckhardt is a corrupt officer who works for crime boss Carl Grissom and criminal Jack Napier (who will later become the Joker in the film). He is later betrayed and killed by Napier before Napier becomes the Joker.
  • Fred Stickley (appeared in Batman Forever, portrayed by Ed Begley, Jr.)- Stickley is Edward Nigma's ill-tempered supervisor at Wayne Enterprises. At the beginning of the film, he terminated Edward Nygma's invention when he feared it would cause Wayne Enterprises to go bankrupt. When he learned about Nygma's true intention of the invention, Nygma killed him in retaliation and used computer forgery to make it look like Stickley killed himself.
  • Dr. Lee (appeared in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, portrayed by Michael Paul Chan) - Dr. Lee is a research scientist at Wayne Enterprises. He made a cameo appearance in Forever, where he comforted Edward Nygma. He had a more important role in the sequel, where he and another research scientist were kidnapped by Mr. Freeze. They were rescued by the efforts of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

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