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Other Supporting Characters

  • Joe Chill: The mugger who was mainly responsible for the death of Bruce's parents under orders of Lew Moxon.
  • Aunt Harriet Cooper, the maternal aunt of Dick Grayson, who appeared in the Batman comics and TV series in the 1960s.
  • Henri Ducard: Ducard is one of Wayne's few teachers who has had a continuing presence in the comics, having taught a young Bruce Wayne the art of the manhunt. Ducard's moral ambiguity led to future conflicts with Batman. In the movie Batman Begins, Ducard appears as Wayne's mentor in crime fighting, but it later turns out that he was actually Ra's al Ghul in disguise.
  • Lucius Fox: Although far less privy to Bruce Wayne's personal life than his business dealings, Lucius Fox is a trusted close associate of Wayne as his business manager responsible for both Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation. Depending on Fox's incarnation, Lucius may know nothing of Bruce's secret life; have some hints about it (such as Batman Begins), where he knows Bruce is doing something, but prefers not to know exactly what, for the purpose of deniability; or know about it entirely, as is the case in The Batman and The Dark Knight.
  • Dr. Thomas Elliot: A surgeon introduced in the Hush storyline, Thomas Elliot is a childhood friend of the Wayne Family. Elliot and Wayne parted ways at a young age, after the death of Elliot's father. Dr. Elliot later reveals to be secretly insane since childhood and leading a double life as the criminal mastermind Hush.
  • Legs: a homeless Vietnam veteran, and resident of the streets of Gotham City. The character was frequently featured in cameo appearances in various Batman comics during the 1980s and 1990s. The character has not been utilized in published material since the late 1990s and has fallen into obscurity.
  • Professor Carter Nichols, a hypnotist who developed a form of "time travel hypnosis" that led into many time travel adventures for Batman, Robin and even Superman in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Daphne Pennyworth, niece of Alfred Pennyworth and daughter of Wilfred Pennyworth, briefly appeared in the late 1960s/early 1970s.
  • Lady Shiva: One of the most feared assassins in the world, Lady Shiva has often been a foe of Batman. However, after Batman broke his back fighting Bane, he went to Lady Shiva for training.
  • Bronze Tiger trained under Batman's ninja master Kirigi and was a member of the Sensei's League of Assassins (albeit brainwashed), at one point teaching Cassandra Cain. Tiger would best Batman in a battle during his mission leading members of the League to slay Kathy Kane. Thanks to Amanda Waller, he would be freed of the Sensei's programming and would return as an ally to Batman.
  • Dr. Leslie Thompkins: A lifelong friend of Thomas Wayne and Bruce's godmother. She is a strict pacifist and used to run a rehabilitation clinic for criminals and drug addicts. She had a falling out with the Dark Knight after Stephanie Brown's apparent death.
  • Martha Wayne: The mother of Bruce Wayne. Just like Thomas, she was shot by a mugger, which would be responsible for the creation of Batman.
  • Thomas Wayne: The father of Bruce Wayne. His death by a mugger, when Bruce was just a boy, inspired Bruce to become Batman.
  • Philip Wayne: Thomas' brother that would raise Bruce for a while after the loss of his parents.
  • Thomas Wayne, Jr.: Bruce Wayne's older brother. It has been said Thomas suffered brain injuries in infancy and was relegated to a life of care. However, one story tells of being left catatonic after the death of their parents and institutionalized. The brothers' uncle had told Bruce his brother had in fact died. Thomas would recover and choose to live a reculsive existence as an acrobat in a traveling circus. However, he would be brainwashed into becoming an assassin. The hero Deadman learned of this and decided to take over his life. Batman would later learn these facts and try to reclaim his brother. While Thomas was free of Deadman, he gave his life to save Batman by diving in front of a hail of bullets from his criminal companions.
  • Alice Chilton: Bruce Wayne's nanny after the loss of his parents. She was Joe Chill's mother, a fact only Alfred was aware of.
  • Slam Bradley: A private detective that largely operates out of Gotham, Bradley became good friends with Catwoman. Bradley's son, called Slam Bradley Jr., is a cop in Gotham and the father of Catwoman's daughter.
  • Vigilante: A murderous crimefighter that first troubled Nightwing before crossing swords with Batman.
  • Lock-Up: Initially an overzealous vigilante, Lock-Up would be tolerated during the events of No Man's Land as he controlled Blackgate Prison. However, he was seen acting alongside villains during Infinite Crisis.
  • Kirigi: Batman's instructor in ninjutsu who would also train several members of the League of Assassins.
  • David Cain: World renowned assassin who trained Bruce Wayne.
  • Tsunemoto: An assassin for the Yakuza who trained Bruce Wayne.
  • Chu Chin Li: A master of kung fu who trained Bruce Wayne.

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