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Enemies in Other Media

  • Roxy Rocket (appeared in The New Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman: Chaos in Gotham, voiced by Charity James) - Roxy Rocket is a minor supervillainess. Her first appearance was in TNBA episode "The Ultimate Thrill", where she works for the Penguin to steal valuable jewelry. Her crimes were benign, unlike other Batman villains in Gotham City. At the end, she was defeated by Batman and was taken to Arkham Asylum. Her next appearance was in Superman: TAS episode "Knight Time", where she attempts to relocate to Metropolis. She failed, as she is easily defeated by Superman. When Superman had asked her why Batman's enemies are relocating to Metropolis, she explains that Batman has been missing for some time. Her final appearance in the DCAU was in the game Chaos in Gotham, where she is one of the inmates that escaped Arkham Asylum. Her first appearance in the DC Universe was in Detective Comics #822, where she has stolen an ionic thruster from S.T.A.R. Labs' Gotham bureau, but her first comic book appearance dates back to 1994, where she appearance in The Batman Adventures Annual #1.
  • Red Claw is a fictional character, an enemy of Batman, making her debut in Batman: The Animated Series and appearing in three episodes of the show. In her first appearance in the series, Red Claw is revealed to be the enigmatic leader of an international terrorist organization named Red Claw, and also known as the "most ruthless terrorist alive", in Commissioner Gordon's words.
  • Condiment King (appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, voiced by Stuart Pankin) - In his first and only appearance in the DCAU, he attacks the Crown Restaurant, only to end up fighting Batman. He was identified as Buddy Standler, a former stand-up comedian who was brainwashed by the Joker, who was using the Mad Hatter's mind-controlling devices. When Batman defeats the Joker and his plans were exposed, it was assumed that Standler was cleared of all charges.
  • HARDAC (appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, voiced by Jeff Bennett) - HARDAC stands for Holographic Analytical Reciprocating DigitAL Computer. In its first appearance, "Heart of Steel", it was created by Dr. Karl Rossum as a supercomputer. It later has a mind of its own by duplicating Gotham's powerful citizens and law enforcement. Rossum revealed that he created HARDAC because he wanted it to duplicate his late wife and daughter when they died under mysterious circumstances. HARDAC learns Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same person when Batman learns about HARDAC's plan. It was destroyed by the efforts of Batman and Batgirl. In its final appearance, it creates a duplicate of Batman. It was awaken when three thieves hide out in an abandoned warehouse. Using the clone, HARDAC connects to the Batcomputer, and fights the real Batman. Batman fakes his death when the duplicate pushed him off a cliff, causing the duplicate to kill itself as well. Batman begins to wonder if HARDAC was beginning to have a soul.

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