Basis Technology Corp.

Basis Technology Corp. is a software company specializing in applying artificial intelligence techniques to understanding documents written in different languages. It has headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offices in San Francisco, Washington DC, London, and Tokyo.

The company was founded in 1995 by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to bring advanced artificial intelligence techniques out of the lab to help us understand the many different languages that humans use. Its software focuses on finding structure inside text so algorithms can do a better job understanding the meaning of the words. The tools eliminate ambiguity between different forms of names and phrases allowing artificial intelligence algorithms to correctly take apart sentences. The name of someone, say Albert P. Jones for instance, can appear in many different ways. Some texts will call him "Al Jones", others "Mr. Jones" and others "Albert Paul Jones". Basis Technology's software can successfully match all of these instances and recognize when different authors are referring to the same person.

Names are just one example where the company's software can attack ambiguity. Their tools also can assemble words into phrases and identify common sequences that should be grouped together for further analysis. Their software enhances parsing tools by classifying the role of words and provides metadata on the role of words to other algorithms.

The company is best known for its Rosette Linguistics Platform which uses Natural Language Processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining, search engines and other applications. The tool is widely used to create normalized forms of text by major search engines, government contractors, translators and others companies that must juggle documents written in foreign languages. Basis Technology software is also used by forensic analysts to search through files for words, tokens, phrases or numbers that may be important to investigators. Their tools are widely used by law enforcement agencies to find important fragments of data in large collections of files.

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