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Further information: Festival Leisure Park (Basildon) and Gloucester Park, Basildon

Festival Leisure Park is a trading leisure park located in the north of Basildon and owned by Aviva. The Festival Leisure Park, includes several restaurants, a bowling and arcade centre, two hotels, a sixteen screen cinema and two health clubs as well as the third largest nightclub complex in the UK. The Festival Leisure Park is colloquially known as "Bas Vegas", and is a well known trouble spot, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, usually fuelled by alcohol.This name which was adopted by the organisation in charge of the new casino development, who used the slogan on signs welcoming people into Basildon by road.

A Wakeboarding complex recently opened in the town, attracting both professionals and amateurs alike

In 1989 the culture and history of the town was documented by the newly re-opened Towngate Theatre, when it commissioned a community play from Arnold Wesker for the town's 40th anniversary. The potted history that Wesker called "Boerthal's Hill" was acted out by a 100 or so members of the community and portrayed a welcoming haven for visitors. Although it was generally positive in its view of the town, controversy arose where the play touched on the apparent racism of politicians throughout the 1970s.

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