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Lego Mindstorms - Programming Languages
... Further information Lego Mindstorms NXT#Programming Name Language type(s) Notes URL Actor-Lab Custom flowchart-like language Ada Ada Requires nxtOSEK Ada Interface to MindStorms Ada brickOS C/C ... LabVIEW National Instruments LabVIEW visual programming language (G code) Core language used to develop Mindstorms NXT software ... leJOS Java A java based system for advanced programmers can handle most sensors and things like GPS, speech recognition and mapping technology ...
Anatolia - History - Antiquity
... to be the origin of the Indo-European language family ... research team has proposed that the Indo-European language expansion coincided with the migration of Anatolian farmers occurring about 9000 years ago ... records of Anatolia stem from the south east of the region, and are from the Mesopotamian based Akkadian Empire during the reign of Sargon of Akkad in the ...

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    English general and singular terms, identity, quantification, and the whole bag of ontological tricks may be correlated with elements of the native language in any of various mutually incompatible ways, each compatible with all possible linguistic data, and none preferable to another save as favored by a rationalization of the native language that is simple and natural to us.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    Italy is such a delightful place to live in if you happen to be a man. There one may enjoy that exquisite luxury of Socialism—that true Socialism which is based not on equality of income or character, but on the equality of manners. In the democracy of the caffè or the street the great question of our life has been solved, and the brotherhood of man is a reality. But it is accomplished at the expense of the sisterhood of women.
    —E.M. (Edward Morgan)