Based Fuels

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Thorium Fuel Cycle - Disadvantages As Nuclear Fuel
... There are several challenges to the application of thorium as a nuclear fuel, particularly for solid fuel reactors Unlike uranium, natural thorium contains no fissile isotopes fissile material, generally 233U ... necessary to make thorium-dioxide fuel, complicates fuel fabrication ... Oak Ridge National Laboratory experimented with thorium tetrafluoride as fuel in a molten salt reactor from 1964–1969, which was far easier to both process and separate from contaminants that slow or stop ...

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    Foster the labor of our country by an undeviating metallic currency ... always recollecting that if labor is depressed neither commerce nor manufactures can flourish, as they are both based upon the production of labor, produced from the earth, or the mineral world.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)