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Foxsports - History - On-screen Graphics - 2001-mid-2005
... FSN first used the scoring banner for most of its broadcasts beginning in 2001 ... It featured a transparent black rectangle, a baseball diamond graphic for baseball broadcasts on the far left, the team abbreviations in white with their scores in ... Then the quarter or inning, time or number of outs, pitch count/speed (baseball broadcasts), and the FSN logo on the far right ...
Fox Sports (United States) - Graphics, Scoring Bugs and Theme Music - 2006–2010
... the ball (the coloring of the banner was only on football broadcasts) ... On the baseball broadcasts, the diamond graphic appeared to be in the middle and has been slimmed down to just the three main bases, unlike other ... This banner, after being first used for NFL broadcasts in 2006 was eventually expanded to BCS, NASCAR, and baseball broadcasts the baseball broadcasts, however, continued to use the late-2005 scoring ...

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    We spend all day broadcasting on the radio and TV telling people back home what’s happening here. And we learn what’s happening here by spending all day monitoring the radio and TV broadcasts from back home.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    I’ve gradually risen from lower-class background to lower-class foreground.
    Marvin Cohen, U.S. author and humorist. Baseball the Beautiful, Links Books (1970)