Base Level Queue

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Multilevel Feedback Queue
... In computer science, a multilevel feedback queue is a scheduling algorithm ... Separate processes into categories based on their need for the processor Multiple FIFO queues are used and the operation is as follows A new process is ... At some stage the process reaches the head of the queue and is assigned the CPU ...

Famous quotes containing the words queue, base and/or level:

    English people apparently queue up as a sort of hobby. A family man might pass a mild autumn evening by taking the wife and kids to stand in the cinema queue for a while and then leading them over for a few minutes in the sweetshop queue and then, as a special treat for the kids, saying “Perhaps we’ve time to have a look at the Number Thirty-One bus queue before we turn in.”
    Calvin Trillin (b. 1940)

    There is but one pride pardonable; that of being above doing a base or dishonorable action.
    Samuel Richardson (1689–1761)

    To Time it never seems that he is brave
    To set himself against the peaks of snow
    To lay them level with the running wave,
    Nor is he overjoyed when they lie low,
    But only grave, contemplative and grave.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)