Barry Wellman - Teaching and Mentoring

Teaching and Mentoring

Wellman mentors graduate and undergraduate students in courses about community, social network analysis, and technology and society. He has co-authored with 51 students, including five undergraduates and one high school student. In 1998, he received the annual "Mentoring Award" from the International Network for Personal Relationships.

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    Never be intimidated when you deal with men. Curse, don’t cry.
    Anonymous, U.S. professional woman. As quoted in Aspirations and Mentoring in an Academic Environment, ch. 4, by Mary Niles Maack and Joanne Passet (1994)

    The discipline of the Old Testament may be summed up as a discipline teaching us to abhor and flee from sin; the discipline of the New Testament, as a discipline teaching us to die to it.
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)