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After his success with Kinpo, Barry Lam wanted Quanta to be more than a contract manufacturer. His vision was for Quanta to be a design manufacturer, a partner with its clients rather than just a supplier. As an SSDMM Provider, System Solution Design Manufacturing and Move, Quanta is very involved in engineering design for its clients. For Lam, Quanta's ability in combining designing power and functionality into lightweight packages has been the key to its success. Quanta offers combinations of features for each of its products which its clients can choose from. Once the design is agreed on, the next step is to get new, high-quality models into volume production quickly. These two steps, design capability and outstanding supply-chain management ensure profitability for customers and long-term relationships for Quanta.

Barry Lam established the Quanta Research and Development Center at its headquarters in Taiwan. The center works on many collaborative projects with major institutions such as MIT, National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica on producing next generation products.

Quanta Computer's flexibility has become a by-word for Taiwanese competence in the high-tech world, and Lam is seen as the founder of the engineering / design / manufacturing model, which launched Taiwan's High Tech Industry. Lam's visionary view of the PC notebook world can be seen as the driving force behind the success and prolific growth of the notebook in the late 1990s.

In May 2008, celebrating its 20th anniversary, Quanta was named as Taiwan's second largest private manufacturing enterprise. It had an annual turnover in 2007 of NT$777 billion, posting a 45% revenue growth. In 2001, a tough year for most computer companies, Lam led Quanta to world dominance as it became the largest notebook manufacturer worldwide and increased production by 50%. In 2002, Quanta moved production to mainland China where it established a large manufacturing base with the aim of reducing costs.

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