• (adj): Put in or stored in a barrel.
    Example: "Barreled beer"
    Synonyms: barrelled
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Robinson Armament M96 Expeditionary - Variants
... version (the "Expeditionary Rifle"), a 17.5" barreled carbine (no special name), a 16" barreled carbine (the "Recon Carbine"), and a 17.5" barreled top-feed carbine ("Bren ... conversion system that turned the standard M96 rifle in either a "Commando" 16" barreled STANAG magazine-fed carbine or a 20" barreledSquad Automatic Weapon ...
HMS Howe (32) - Refits
... Devonport 6 x single 20mm removed, 2 x 4-barreled 40mm added, 2 x 8-barreled 2-pdr pom-pom added, 4 x twin 20mm added, aircraft facilities removed removed ...
Bodeo Model 1889 - Design Details - Alternates
... A round-barreled version designed with a trigger guard and octagonal-barreled version with a folding trigger ... The octagonal-barreled revolver was produced for rank and file Italian soldiers while the round-barreled was produced for non-commissioned officers and field officers ...
15th-century Volley Guns
... Multi-barreled artillery pieces continued in use during the 16th and 17th century ... A double-barreled cannon called Elizabeth-Henry, named after Charles I's youngest children, was used by the Cavaliers during the English Civil War and fired 2oz charges ... sword and axe pistols such as Henry VIII's Walking Staff, a 3 barreled gun and battle mace ...
AF (Action Figures) - Vehicles, Weapony and Armour
... by Cutter) Lance - A self-propelled multi-barreled heavy machine gun ... Spacecraft(piloted by Moondancer) Whirlwind - A multi-barreled anti-aircraft gun Wolverine (driven by Ton Up) - A tracked multi-barreled missile system ...

More definitions of "barreled":

  • (adj): (of an arrow) tapered toward both ends.
    Synonyms: barrelled