Baronet - Baronetesses


In history there have been only four baronetesses:

  • Dame Daisy Dunbar, 8th Btss of Hempriggs (1906–97), cr.1706
  • Dame Mary Bolles, 1st Btss (1579–1662); the only woman to be created a baronetess. Her grandson succeeded to the title, after which it died out.
  • Dame Eleanor Dalyell, 10th Btss (1895–1972) (cr.1685), whose title passed to her son, the Labour politician Tam Dalyell.
  • Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald, 11th Btss (1906-2011) was recognised by Lyon Court in 2005 as 11th holder of the baronetcy (formerly Stirling-Maxwell) under the 1707 remainder and succeeded her father in 1956.

In 1976 Lord Lyon said that, without examining the Patent of every Scottish Baronetcy, he was not in a position to confirm that only these four can pass through the female line.

There are no baronetesses alive as of 2012.

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