Barely Political

Barely Political is an online video and entertainment website that creates politically themed satirical music viral videos and parodies. It was created in June 2007 by founder Ben Relles and debuted its presence on the internet in the music video "I Got a Crush...on Obama", starring Amber Lee "Obama Girl" Ettinger. The YouTube channel has now been seen over 1.5 billion times online. Their main purpose is to put parodies. They are also known as The Key of Awesome.

Barely Political has created numerous videos featuring many political aspects, including the military, news media, and also inviting some of the 2008 presidential candidates to be featured in a video, including former Senator Mike Gravel.

In October 2007 Barely Political was bought by Next New Networks, for an unknown amount, which in turn was acquired by YouTube in spring 2011. Herb Scannell, co-founder and CEO of Next New Networks, stated, "With BarelyPolitical, we've added a team that can grow our reach to a very important audience — one that likes their politics with a healthy serving of humor — timed perfectly with the upcoming 2008 election season."

Currently Barely Political features the hit show The Key of Awesome which has been viewed over 500 million times and featured in Entertainment Weekly, on 20/20, and on CNN.

Barely Political videos are directed by Tom Small and feature writing and performances by Mark Douglas, Todd Womack, Doug Larsen, Anastasia Douglas and Bryan Olsen. All the videos can be seen at

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