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Banyan - In Culture - Fiction
... novel by Daniel Defoe, makes his home in a banyan tree ... describes a future Earth where a single huge banyan covers half of the globe, because individual trees discover the ability to join together, as well as drop adventitious roots ... Dan album Aja, the title track includes the lyrics "Chinese music under banyan trees / Here at the dude ranch above the sea." The rock band The Dead has a song called "the ...
Temple Of The Six Banyan Trees - History
... The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees was originally called the Baozhuangyan Temple, but during the Northern Song Dynasty, a writer called Su Shi wrote the inscription Liu Rong (Six Banyan Trees) because of ...
Aziz (artist) - Works and Exhibits
... a diverse range of subjects and objects-granite rocks, banyan trees, Golconda Fort, and other cultural landmarks to name just a few-that fine special resonance ... of the Deccan plateau, and the famed banyan trees with their aerial prop roots have all been subjects of Aziz's intense exploration ... Whether the granite finds its way into people's kitchens and houses, or banyan trees are felled to make way for road-widening programs, thanks to Aziz's fastidious ...

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    It was when the trees were leafless first in November
    And their blackness became apparent, that one first
    Knew the eccentric to be the base of design.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)