Banknotes of Denmark, 1997 Series - Security Features

Security Features

The design of each banknote in the series incorporates various security devices. When the banknotes are tilted, various motifs appear in the hologram. Also, fluorescent colours, which are visible under ultraviolet light, are used on both sides of the banknotes.

50 kroner: The hologram alternately shows the figure 50, the Roman numeral L and a flower. Fluorescent effects: Centaur on obverse and green print on the reverse.

100 kroner: Hologram: Two musical notes, the Roman numeral "C." and the number "100." When the note is tilted the "C" grows larger and a rainbow appears. Using a magnifying glass, it is possible to see a microprinted "100" in the outer line around the letter "C." Fluorescent effects: Basilisk on obverse and orange print on the reverse.

200 kroner: Hologram: A lion, the Roman numeral "CC," and the number "200." When the note is tilted the "CC" grows larger. Fluorescent effects: Lion on obverse and green print on the reverse.

500 kroner: Hologram: An atom, the number 500, and the Roman numeral "D". The current version of the 500 kroner banknote was designed to be very hard to counterfeit. The hologram cannot be colour copied. Fluorescent effects: Knight on obverse and orange print on the reverse.

1000 kroner: Hologram: A palette, the number 1000 and the Roman numeral "M". Fluorescent effects: Horseman on obverse and orange print on the reverse.

During 2002–2005, additional security features were added.

1997 Series
Value Dimensions Main colour Description Date of
Obverse Reverse Watermark first printing issue
50 kroner 125 × 72 mm Purple Karen Blixen Centaur from Landet Church As portrait 1999
7 May 1999
25 August 2005
100 kroner 135 × 72 mm Orange Carl Nielsen Basilisk from Tømmerby Church 1999
22 November 1999
27 November 2002
200 kroner 145 × 72 mm Green Johanne Luise Heiberg Lion from Viborg Cathedral 1997
10 March 1997
9 April 2003
500 kroner 155 × 72 mm Blue Niels Bohr Knight fighting a dragon from Lihme Church 1997
12 September 1997
24 September 2003
1000 kroner 165 × 72 mm Red Anna, Michael Ancher Tournament from Bislev Church Anna Ancher 1998
18 September 1998
25 November 2004

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