Bank Mendes Gans - Shareholder ING Bank N.V.

Shareholder ING Bank N.V.

ING Bank N.V. gradually purchased 99% of the BMG shares from main shareholders Philips Finance Company, Manufacturers Hanover Trust (currently JP Morgan Chase) and Dow Chemical. Early 2000, the decision was made to de-list Bank Mendes Gans N.V. from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX-Effectenbeurs/Euronext Amsterdam) on February 1, 2000. By ending the quotation, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange did not only lose one of its most expensive funds (the shares were valued in excess of 20,000 Dutch Guilders - over 9,000 euros), but also one of its oldest.

With its own Board of Management, Supervisory Board, banking license and annual report, BMG is an independently operating business unit of ING Commercial Banking.

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