Bangladeshi Cuisine - Regional Cuisines

Regional Cuisines

In Bangladeshi Cuisine style we can see different it in various region, which we also can say the regional influence in the Bangladeshi cuisine:

Northern Bengali cuisine- Rajshahi & Shylet; which is influenced by Assam,Tripura & the regional tribal group of Surma.

South-Eastern Bengali Cuisine- Chittagong & Khagrachori; which are influenced by Arakani cuisine from Burma.

Mid & Western Bengali Cuisine- Natore, Pabna,Khulna & Jessore Sundarban area, part of Dhaka; which describe the main regional food habit of Bangladesh & known as authentic Bengali cuisine.

Dhakaiya Cuisine- originated in Dhaka influenced by Awadhi cuisine. First introduced by Nawab Wajed Ali Shah.

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