Bandersnatch (video Game)

Bandersnatch was a home computer "mega-game" written by Imagine Software intended for release on the ZX Spectrum. The game was eagerly anticipated by teaser adverts placed in the computer press (see right) throughout 1984. The game would have set a new price point for computer games (£39.95 vs. the standard rates of the time of between £5.95 and £11.95) and would have required a cartridge or dongle, presumably to carry extra ROM for data.

Imagine Software went bust owing to financial mismanagement, the spectacular demise being shown in a BBC documentary named 'Commercial Breaks'. During the documentary it was revealed that the game Psyclapse was little more than a paper sketch, making it true vaporware.

A new company called Finchspeed was formed from the remnants of Imagine which sold the rights to the Bandersnatch game to Sinclair Research Ltd. Before Finchspeed folded, a complete, working version was developed for the Sinclair QL. The directors Dave Lawson and Ian Heatherington then formed Psygnosis and Bandersnatch was given a release on the Atari ST, Amiga and Macintosh, renamed as Brataccas.

Bandersnatch itself was never released.