Balloon Flies

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BBC One 'Balloon' Idents - Components of Look - Special Idents
... The balloon did not appear in the set Ben Elton 1998 A series of eight parody idents promoting Ben Elton's television series in 1998 ... The series included the balloon being deflated by a 2-shaped blade (from BBC Two's Blade ident), and the balloon being chased by a "police" balloon Bauble ... As with the previous year, the balloon did not appear in the set 1999 Eclipse August 1999 The balloon flies in front of the sun, eclipsing it ...

Famous quotes containing the words flies and/or balloon:

    I don’t know why I ever come in here. The flies get the best of everything.
    Otis Criblecoblis, U.S. screenwriter. W.C. Fields (W.C. Fields)

    When I am on a stage, I am the focus of thousands of eyes and it gives me strength. I feel that something, some energy, is flowing from the audience into me. I actually feel stronger because of these waves. Now when the play’s done, the eyes taken away, I feel just as if a circuit’s been broken. The power is switched off. I feel all gone and empty inside of me—like a balloon that’s been pricked and the air’s let out.
    Lynn Fontanne (1887–1983)