Balatkara Gana - Pattavalis (pontifical Genealogies)

Pattavalis (pontifical Genealogies)

There exist several pattavalis of Mula Sangh-Balatkara Gana-Saraswati Gachchha.

  • By Dr. Hoerncle, published in Indian Antiquary, 1891, 1892. This is from Nagaur.
  • Amer-Jaipur Pattavali, given by Siddhantacharya Phulachandra Shastri (referred to as Ujjain Pattavali).
  • Gwalior-Bateshwar Pattavali, given by Pt. Jhammanlal Jain Tarkatirtha.

The pattavalis give the following segments

  • Bhaddalpur, Dakshin Desh (South country) or Malwa, 26 Acharyas
  • Ujjain, 18 Acharyas
  • Baran (Near Kota), 12 Acharyas
  • Gwalior (or Chittor and Baghera), 14 Acharyas
  • Ajmer (From Vishalakirti to Prabhachandra, the last Acharya)
  • Delhi (Bhattarakas Prabhachnadra, Padmanandi, Shubhachandra and Jinachandra

Because of occasional shifting, some of the monks may have lived in different places at different times, causing some disagreements in the pattavalis.

Three inscriptions describing the construction of Kirti Stambha of Chittor have been found that mention Vishalakirti-Shubhakirti-Dharmachandra thus conforming the names going back to 13th century.

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