Balance of Power (parliament)

Balance Of Power (parliament)

In parliamentary politics, the term balance of power sometimes describes the pragmatic mechanism exercised by a minor political party or other grouping whose guaranteed support may enable an otherwise minority government to obtain and hold office. This can be achieved either by the formation of a coalition government or by an assurance that any motion of no confidence in the government would be defeated. A party or person may also hold a theoretical 'balance of power' in a chamber without any commitment to government, in which case both the government and opposition groupings may on occasion need to negotiate that party's legislative support.

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Balance Of Power (parliament) - United Kingdom
... The normal UK response to a "hung" or "balanced" parliamentis the formation of a minority government ... The Irish Nationalists, led by Charles Stewart Parnell had the balanceof power ... decided to bring down the Conservative ministry when the new parliamentmet ...

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