The baekjeong (백정) were an “untouchable” outcaste group of Korea, often compared with the burakumin of Japan and the dalits of India and Nepal.

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... unclean professions included butchers (Baekjeong), shamans, shoemakers, metalworkers, nobi (slaves), prostitutes, magicians, sorcerers, jailkeepers and performers like the kisaeng ... although a step above the traditional caste of untouchables or outcasts called the Baekjeong, lived segregated lives, like the baekjeong, isolated from the rest of society and shunted away in ghettoes ...
Baekjeong - Discrimination - Social Movements
... late 19th and early 20th centuries, the baekjeong began to resist the open social discrimination that existed against them ... Growing industrialism in Korea began to erode baekjeong dominance over certain occupations, particularly as Japanese began to control slaughterhouses and exploit them ... However, as some baekjeong fell into financial despair, the loosening of segregation led others to profit from changes, giving them the ability to fund efforts for change ...