Bad Habits (The Monks Album)

Bad Habits (The Monks Album)

Bad Habits is an album by The Monks, released in 1979, and re-released on 28 December 1999.

This album is a spoof of punk rock led by the former rhythm section of the trad rockers, Strawbs. The subsequently politically incorrect "Nice Legs Shame About Her Face" was a surprise number 19 hit single in the UK Singles Chart. Other spot-on spoofs included "Drugs in My Pocket" and "Johnny B. Rotten". The songs are composed by Richard Hudson, John Ford and Terry Cassidy.

The song "Love in Stereo" has at times been embraced as something of a theme song by the polyamory movement. However, it may be debated whether the meaning actually refers to one man in love with two women or one man in love with one woman whose wants and habits change a lot from moment to moment.

A Capitol reissue of the original EMI release further exposed the album.

In 2012, the Canadian musician Thomas D'Arcy organized a Bad Habits tribute show and track-by-track cover album. In addition to Canadian musicians such as Chris Colohan, John Kastner, Ian Blurton, and Chris Murphy, the Monks guitarist John Ford contributed to the album.

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