Bad Girls Road Trip - List of Episodes - Rural Fixation

Rural Fixation

First aired July 17, 2007

The girls got lost while on their way to Zara's hometown in the upstate of New York. Her town isn't even on the map, which sets Leslie and Aimee in a bad mood, who also didn't expect to see snow. Meanwhile, Joanna and Andrea have shown up elsewhere and they are planning to crash their party and join them on their trip. Zara, Aimee and Leslie arrive to the warm welcome of Zara's relatives. They have fun riding snowy slopes, and Leslie becomes quite satisfied. They head to meet Zara's friends, where Joanna and Andrea suddenly appear. Leslie quickly gets fed up with their behavior. The next day all five girls are going to Boston, but the original three girls don't like their guests and throw their belongings out of the car and leave when Joanna and Andrea went to a restroom.

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