Bad Eggs

Bad Eggs is a 2003 Australian comedy movie, written and directed by Tony Martin. It stars Mick Molloy, Bob Franklin and Judith Lucy, with Alan Brough, Bill Hunter, Marshall Napier, Nicholas Bell, Steven Vidler, Shaun Micallef, Robyn Nevin, Brett Swain, Denis Moore and Pete Smith having supporting roles.

Ben Kinnear (Molloy) and Mike Paddock (Franklin) are police officers working for the Zero Tolerance Unit, a special division of Victoria Police. When they accidentally shoot the corpse of a judge several times each, they are reprimanded but investigate his death, leading to several other accidents, for which they are relegated to uniform duty. Through Julie Bale (Lucy), a former police officer and Kinnear's ex, they uncover a conspiracy involving the ZTU with bribery and corruption. They are joined by computer operator Northey (Brough), but have to escape with their lives to avoid death at the hands of the ZTU's commander, Ted Pratt (Hunter) and the network of corruption extending all the way to the Premier of Victoria (Micallef).

As befits a film written by Tony Martin, the humour in the movie was quite intelligent and sophisticated, though a lot of it came through one-liners and slapstick. The film marked Martin's directorial debut. Much of the cast and crew, including Molloy, Hunter, Martin and Lucy, had all worked on a previous film Crackerjack (2002).

The film performed moderately well at the Australian box-office and was also released in New Zealand and Germany. Molloy's talent as an actor was praised in some circles, as was the ARIA Award-nominated soundtrack by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.

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