Bad Dude in Love

Bad Dude in Love is an album released independently on Joe Mama Records in 1985 by Mark Oliver Everett (credited without his middle name), later to become leader of the band Eels. Five hundred copies were made and most were distributed to friends and for promotion. The album was discovered at large when it was put up for auction on eBay in 2005; it was quickly removed from the site before the auction finished with no explanation. Another listed on eBay in 2010 sold for $5,000; it had been sealed for 25 years.

Prior to its emergence on eBay it had been mentioned, in 2000, by musician Chris von Sneidern, who briefly worked with E in 1994. He stated: "The record to get, apparently, is the Mark Everett record, it's called the Mark Everett something... 'Cool Dude' record or something. It's one of those things that if you were to show it to him he'd like flip, he's apparently not comfortable with it." The record is a labor of love that Everett's late father (the physicist Hugh Everett III) had made possible. The album is appropriately dedicated to him.

There is no mention of Bad Dude in Love in Everett's 2008 autobiography, Things the Grandchildren Should Know, though there is a part where he says that liz took the drum sticks away from him while he was drumming and he says one day he was going to make a record and call it "no thanks to liz". On the back of the record it says "no thanks to liz" not the name of this record but it did make the back cover.

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