Backplate and Wing - Configuration - Cylinder Attachment

Cylinder Attachment

When a backplate is used with a single cylinder, a single tank adapter, or STA, is usually employed. The STA is a small metal structure that bolts on to the backplate on the outside of the wings, contains two camstraps, and accommodates the cylinder.

In some instances, the STA may be omitted, and the camstraps threaded through the wing and backplate. In these cases, the wing will contain a built-in STA in the form of two rods or pads which stabilise the cylinder or the backplate may be manufactured with a slight channel in the central ridge which allows the single cylinder to locate.

Twin cylinders are usually attached to the backplate via bolts, passing through the cylinder bands, and secured by nuts within the central channel of the plate. An alternative is to use two sets of camstraps and extra slots in the backplate and wing. This arrangement will allow the convenient attachment of independent cylinders of almost any size without the use of cylinder bands.

Some rebreather divers fit backplates to their rebreathers. The exact method of attachment varies between users and rebreather models, and may include modification to the rebreather or the use of a customised backplate. Some rebreathers are designed specifically for use with backplates.

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