Backfire also may refer to:

  • Back-fire, an explosion produced in a vehicle's engine
  • "Backfire" (CSI: Miami), an episode of the TV show CSI:Miami
  • Backfire!, an arcade game
  • Backfire (album), by the Goa trance group Transwave
  • Backfire (1950 film), featuring Virginia Mayo and Gordon Macrae
  • Backfire (film), a 1987 movie starring Karen Allen
  • Backfire! (film), a 1995 spoof movie starring Josh Mosby and Robert Mitchum
  • Backfire, the NATO reporting name for the Russian Tupolev Tu-22M aircraft
  • Operation Backfire (WWII), the launch of three A4 rockets in October 1945 near Cuxhaven
  • Operation Backfire (FBI), an FBI operation against the radical environmental movement
  • Controlled burn or backfire, a firefighting technique
  • An alcoholic cocktail made of Bailey's Irish Cream, KahlĂșa, and vodka in equal portions
  • Version 10.03 of the OpenWrt firmware
  • Backfire (Transformers), a fictional character
  • Tupolev Tu-22M Nato reporting name Backfire, a USSR long range bomber

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