Baba Mountain

Baba-Mountain (Baba-Planina) is the name of several mountains on the Balkans:

  • Baba Mountain, Macedonia, overlooks the city of Bitola
  • Baba Mountain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a mountain in the south-east of Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Etropolska Baba, a mountain in the Balkan Mountains near Etropole
  • Tetevenska Baba, a mountain in the Balkan Mountains near Teteven
  • Chelopechka Baba, a mountain in the Balkan Mountains near Chelopech
  • Baba (Serbia), a mountain near Paraćin in Serbia
  • Baba Mountain, Rila, a mountain in the central Rila mountains near the Rila Monastery
  • Baba Mountain, Pirin, a mountain in the central Pirin mountains near Orelyak

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Battle Of Monastir (1917) - Prelude
1918 the Macedonian front passed through the summit of the Baba Mountain overlooking the city of Bitola ... it was within the range of the Bulgarian artillery on Baba Mountain. 1917 the French High command in Solun decided to make an operation to take the Baba Mountain from the Bulgarians, to seize the valley between Bitola and Prilep and to continue the blow towards the Vardar ...

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